for more information on grades see table 2 4 which is reproduced below from the steel construction manual 15th ed and msc s steelwise article are you for any one who has the 15th edition have you found the tables useful aisc manual steel tables ebook rh aisc manual steel tables ebook zettadata solu aisc steel manual angle dimensions steel members aisc sizes figure 1 shows one such table for the flexural capacity of beams the blue color for lrfd and the highlighted green background for asd clearly separate the table 11 5 1 from aisc manual table 4 1 the available strength for a y y axis effective length of 30 ft is aisc table j3 4 bolt edge distance sle pages from the aisc steel construction manual image eccentrically loaded bolt group ysis and design using instantaneous center of rotation method with vba for excel implementation engineer s view table 11 1 aisc steel tables screenshot 4 aisc steel table the allowable steel pipe sections taken from aisc lrfd code 17 in addition many other improvements have been made throughout the new 13th edition of the aisc steel construction manual table 11 2 2 unit 4 designing structural steel steel beam aisc lrfd93 code checking results dialog box table 11 2 1 re steel availability table 10 5 1 structural steel shape angleunequal legs the table below gives the size and shape dimensions weight per foot and cross section area for steel angle per the allowable steel pipe sections taken from aisc lrfd code 8 information on these methods are found on pages 7 6 through 7 9 in the aisc 14th edition manual and most steel design textbooks typical diaphragm shear table from sdi s ddm03 image credit sdi tools tips and reviews to p the professional engineer s exam pe exam sle question structural the third step is to find the appropriate lateral torsional buckling modification based on the actual loading scenario from table 3 1 in the aisc steel 2 6 shear chapter g i have attached the small smath file that calls the aisc xlsx spreadsheet that i wrote