2018 federal tax brackets the withholding tables are guidelines your employer follows in order to deduct the appropriate amount of ine ta from your paycheck 2018 ine tax tables on image to enlarge your 2019 individual ine tax brackets tax day 2019 new tax brackets for single married head of household business insider a parison of withholding calculated with 2017 withholding tables versus the new 2018 withholding tables for simplicity only the federal ine tax the tax cuts and jobs act which went into effect at the start of the year slashed individual ine tax rates eliminated personal exemptions and roughly the withholding allowance amounts by payroll period have changed for 2018 they are irs announces 2019 percene method tables for ine tax withholding 2019 w 4 form the 2018 percene method withholding tables can be found in notice 1036 here s irs gov pub irs pdf n1036 pdf the 2019 federal ine tax brackets tax rates let s say your bined gross ine is 120 000 a year you are a married couple with no dependents and both earn 60 000 gross ine it s going to take another envelope full of worksheets to get the form down to the size of a postcard said tim steffen director of advanced planning at 2019 payroll tax updates social security wage base care fica tax rates irs via ap tax brackets the increasing cpi means brackets are being pushed upward albeit slightly giving us these projected tax brackets for 2019 the irs has added age clarifying that employees should take into account nonwage ine not subject to withholding in using the various worksheets 29 here are all the tax brackets for both single people and jointly filing married couples irs issues tax reform info ahead of 2019 filing season what you need to know to plan for the 2019 tax year the irs released a draft version of its 2019 form w 4 which is used to record an employee s marital status and withholding amounts for federal ine tax reducing payroll errors irs tax tables 2016 percene method